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CLIENT:  Black Sea Resorts
AREA:19 951 M2

ABOUT PROJECT: Lisi Development is building a new Resort Hotel in Adjara. The Buknari Resort Hotel includes 14 stories of apartments, a conference hall, a restaurant on the ground floor, a sky bar, and an infinity pool on the rooftop level.

An international company of contemporary architecture – Architects of Invention, designed the Buknari Resort Hotel. The project site falls within the region of Adjara, well-known in Georgia for its rural heritage and growing tourism industry. Buknari Resort Hotel is located on the cen­tral portion of the Adjara coastline.

“The Black Sea views govern the building configuration. Its symmetrical, pointy, curved plan resembles a mantle ray surfing through the waves. A matrix of inverted balconies envelope the shape of the building, creating an uninterrupted array of “modular waves.” Perimetral balconies are clad with perforated mesh forming a solid appearance yet allowing views inside out towards the sea.” Architects of Invention

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