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D Block

CLIENT: Bank of Georgia | TBC Bank | Adjara Group 
AREA: 8 614 M2

ABOUT PROJECT: LSG Solution is the trusted financial integrity and stability guardian for TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia. We ensure adherence to regulatory standards and industry best practices through supervision and innovative strategies.

Adjara Group, a prominent industry leader known for its innovation and strong market presence, owns D Block, situated within Stamba Hotel. D Block is a collaborative workspace designed for productivity and comfort, offering adaptable office layouts, ergonomic furnishings, advanced noise-canceling technologies, and customized lighting solutions. This facility exemplifies Adjara Group’s dedication to providing high-quality work environments tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses.

Understanding LSG Solutions’ pivotal role as lenders’ supervisors for TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia is essential. Lenders’ supervision involves closely watching and ensuring all parties follow the rules and standards of regulators and the industry. 

Our approach to lenders’ supervision relies on expertise, diligence, and innovation. We find risks and opportunities by carefully assessing financial health and operations using advanced analytical tools.  Through proactive guidance, we help our partner to navigate the complex financial landscape, fostering sustainable growth and resilience in a constantly changing market.

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