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Preliminary Interest Survey

"Sodi Investment" decided to hold an architectural competition with the involvement of local and international experts. LSG Solutions will be the organizer of the competition. 🤝


The competition aims to select a suitable architectural concept from a competent jury, which will be in harmony with the capital's historical, cultural, and economic development potential. For this, selecting a company that meets all the conditions and receives the highest evaluations is necessary.


"Sodi Investment" will develop the historic building on 164 Aghmashenebeli Street, the former cinema studio pavilion, and the surrounding area. Designing a multifunctional complex in the competition area is planned, preserving the existing historical building and utilizing spaces with different functions in the surrounding area.


Based on the preliminary research, the following functions should be considered in the project area: hotel, apartments, catering facilities, and recreation space. Priority will be given to the contestant that provides the best qualitative and quantitative data, such as cultural value, maximum utilization of spaces, functional connections, estimated value, energy efficiency, sustainability, technical efficiency, and social importance.


If interested, fill in the fields below 📝 All companies should provide portfolios and information about the design team. 


At the beginning of September, a presentation is planned for the invited architects, where they will get to know more about the competition conditions and more detail about the task and deadlines.

Interested architectural companies will receive detailed information regarding the presentation.  
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Preliminary Interest Survey

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