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Design Development

Construction Manager review & comment all phase design documentation to reach maximum approximation to best standards and engineer practice, advise upon methods of working, building systems and equipment and alternative design solutions as well as availability and price of materials and goods.

Cost Planning

Assist in the preparation and revision of Project Cost Plan, obtain budget costs of system, assemblies, equipment and materials, evaluate costed alternative materials, construction techniques, and installation methods; advise on current pricing levels and trends in the area of the Project; prepare a cash-flow forecast for the Project.


Prepare the Project Programme clearly identifying the critical path, lead times and key milestones agreed with the Client. Expand, update and adapt the Project Programme as may be necessary to reflect further information, make proposals to the Client for the acceleration of all or part of any Contract and negotiate with the Contractors.


Development of tender condition with agreement of Client, based on project scale and complication. Advise the Client on the division of the project into various Contracts, ensure that all work comprising the Project is included. Analyse the tenders received and issue to the Client a written report setting out the analysis of the tenders and recommending a contractor with whom the Client should enter into a Contract.

Progress, Cost and Quality Control

Provide all management, control, administration and planning of the work of Contractors, review methods of working with regards to their adequacy and safety. Monitor the actual expenditures in connection with the Contractors against the Project Cost Plan and immediately advice the Client on any deviation therefrom. Carry out such inspection as may be necessary to ensure compliance with the Contracts, inform of defects which become apparent from such inspections and take such actions as may be appropriate to have such defects corrected. Supervise the making good of defects and advice the Client when defects have been made good.

Commissioning Supervision

Management and Supervision of full completion of works including testing and commissioning of all systems. Collection of all necessary documentation including As-Built Drawings and Equipment Operation Manuals. Issuance of Completion Certification after all works are completed and documentation is submitted to the client.

DESIGN Services

LSG Solutions offers full range of design services for commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare,
residential and infrastructural projects. Company has extensive experience in complex projects
that require in-depth understanding of design and construction processes to achieve maximum
efficiency and sustainability in design.


Structural Design

Building Services Engineering (MEP)

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