LSG Solutions was established in 2020 with the aim of providing professional and transparent construction management services for Clients of various sectors. Our team consists of multiple professionals with an average experience of 10+ years in Construction Management. We provide project management services based on our Clients’ individual requirements, all the while maintaining top quality.

Design Development

  • Revision of each phase of design documentation to reach best standards within the engineering practice;
  • Advice on work methods, building systems, equipment;
  • Provision of alternative design solutions;
  • Overview of availability and pricing of materials/products.

 Cost Planning

  • Preparation and revision of Project Cost Plan;
  • Determination of budget costs of the system, assembling, equipment, and materials;
  • Evaluation of alternative materials costs, construction techniques, and installation methods;
  • Advice on current price levels and trends in the area of the project;
  • Cash-flow forecast for the project.


  • Project Programme preparation;
  • Critical path, lead time and key milestone identification;
  • Adaptation of any changes in the project;
  • Contract acceleration possibility and negotiation with the Contractor.


  • Tender condition development based on project scale and complexity;
  • Advice on splitting the project into several contracts;
  • Preparation of lists with suitable Contractors for each Contract’s tender;
  • Analysis and written report for the Client with recommendations of the most appropriate Contractor.

 Progress, Cost and Quality Control   

  • All management, control, administration and planning of the Contractors’ work;
  • Work methods review based on their adequacy and safety;
  • Actual expenditures monitoring and deviation detection based on Project Cost Plan;
  • Defect detection, reporting and elimination.

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